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Spider Gwen Drone Transformation


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Spider Gwen has snuck into DiscoBelle’s lair, only to learn the villain is home! She does her best to resist DiscoBelle, but succumbs to her titmerism, completely mindless and obedient. DiscoBelle tricks Gwen into tangling herself up in her own webs, then melts her mind as she struggles, completely mummified. Before long, Spider Gwen is nothing but a loyal drone, swearing her service to DiscoBelle.
Category Mesmerize Bondage,Cosplay,Lesbian Domination,Mind Fuck,Mummification
Keywords Female Mesmerist,Transformation,Drone,Dronification,Two Girls,Dominatrix,Mesmerist,Female Control,Boob Mesmerism,Helplessness,Mind Melt,Control,Brain Wash,Spider Gwen,Super Hero
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