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A Formal Lunch - Attila Kardos And Salvador Mendoza (720P)


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Studio: Kristen Bjorn

Salvador Mendoza is meeting Attila Kardos parents for the first time and they are planning a formal luncheon to show Attilas parents that this relationship is meant to be. As the table is meticulously laid out both men are feeling the pressure. With just enough time before the guests arrive the guys jump on each other to release some of that tension and pressure. They quickly begin stripping each other and passionately kiss and stroke one anothers hard cocks. Attila sits on the edge of the table as Salvador begins sucking on his magnificent cock, if only Attilas knew that his bare ass was on that freshly pressed linen tablecloth prior to her arrival, hopefully she wont smell the strong man scent of sex. Swapping positions, Attila drops and takes Salvadors strong cock deep into his mouth and works it until he feels it fill his throat. Attila turns around and shows Salvador his hot pink hole and that is all is needed for Salvador to move in tongue first and give him a hot tongue fucking. With Attila holding his position over the chair, Salvador stands up and rams his raw cock deep into Attilas wet ass. Time to swap again and this time Salvador finds his leg over Attilas shoulder with his cock penetrating his sweltering brown pucker hole. This position drives both men wild with desire and their cocks into extreme hardness. It isnt long before Attilas cock is throbbing, expanding and erupting his creamy load of cum all over Salvadors furry ass. The table is cleared with abandonment and Attila squats his ass down onto Salvadors awaiting cock. Attila pounds his ass down to the base of Salvadors ass, feeling that full bush tickling his ass with each thrust. Knowing exactly how to ride his mans cock, Attila pauses at just the right moments, when to pick up the pace, when to slow it down and when to prepare for insemination. Attila fucks Salvadors cock as a perfectionist until he milks his cock free of his hot load. Salvador shoots a huge load that showers Attilas muscular thigh before shoving his drenched cock back into Attilas ass. I hope there is a freshly pressed tablecloth to replace this one before the guests arrive.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:24
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2929kbps
Audio: 122kbps

File size: 568.7 MB

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