Body Heat
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Studio: Bijou

Six unrelated scenes with a recap and a compilation of clips from other films. No dialog.
1. Jeff and Larry, Body Heat 1 150
Jeff and Larry find an abandoned machine shop and discover its a perfect place for a hot fuck session! They get the action into high gear with lots of mutual sucking and rimming that leads to two super charged fucks!
2. Brad and Paul, Body Heat 2 150
Brad and Paul are relaxing outdoors when nature takes over! After a wild 69 session, Paul really gets going by riding Brads red-hot shaft! The tables are turned when Paul flips horny brad over and fucks the cum out of him.
3. David & Will, Body Heat 3 150
David and Will have been studying together in the dorm, but after stripping down, find they cant sleep. So these two horny dudes turn each other on by a sizzling 69 suck session, and end it all by fucking each other into a cum-spattering, exhausting climax.
4. Oliver & Greg, Body Heat 4 150
Oliver and Greg have been working at a sweaty construction site. Gregs the architect and hes got some sleazy designs on hard-hat Oliver! After sucking each other, and plowing into each others hot holes, Greg and Oliver end it all by jacking-off! Watch their cum juice fly!
5. Tom and Peter, Body Heat 5 150
Tom and Peter are relaxing around Toms house when one thing leads to another! And before you can say horny, both guys wind up fucking each other all over the floor, the furniture . . . until Peters huge cock explodes with wild gushes of cum all over toms sweaty bod!
6. Mark and Doug, Body Heat 6 150
Mark and Doug are comparing hard-ons, when mark suddenly rams his thick cock down Dougs anxious throat! Then both studs start 69-ing, until Doug swings around and begins pumping Marks tight asshole! Mark works his dick into a dynamite cum climax all over his stomach! Doug pulls his read-hot mat out and shoots his load too!

Format: mp4
Duration: 59:57
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 2921kbps
Audio: 129kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

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