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Elder Larsen & President Woodruff - Interrogation Benediction


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Studio: MormonBoyz

Elder Larsen has been on the verge of cumming since President Woodruff started fucking him, but he cant reach the tingling head of his dick to stroke himself to climax.
He has just been fucked harder and longer than ever before — but something tells him that relentless President Woodruff is just getting started.
The president slides his thick cock out of the boys compliant hole. Buck naked, his legs spread, strapped down to a desk, Elder Larsen cant see what Woodruff is up to behind him. The tie around his neck isnt long enough, so the boy has to stand on his tiptoes to focus on the incredible sensations in his ass, and whenever he forgets and relaxes, the tie chokes him.
Expecting the presidents dick again, hes surprised to feel the mans big thumb against his hole. Woodruff massages his anus for a moment, flicks it with a finger, and then spreads his cheeks and starts to slap his sensitive flesh.
The pain is like a shock that causes an electric buzzing sensation in other parts of his body. And at each slap his hole puckers. Then the president pushes his thumb in deeply, nudges his prostate and toys with his hole.
If he hadnt already been loosened up, having his hole tortured like this would be excruciating — instead, he pushes back onto the thumb. If anything, its a relief after the pounding hes just had, and the one hes about to receive.
President Woodruff slides his dick back in the boys warm hole. Elder Larsen squirms. This is unlike anything he has ever imagined. A pearl of precum dribbles out of the head of his cock and hangs there.
As the man starts to fuck him, slowly at first, then faster and harder, the ball of precum dangles on a thin thread of fluid and swings back and forth. Elder Larsen could cum right now, but he resists the impulse.
His companion, Elder Butler, has been enjoying the performance thoroughly, but now President Woodruff orders him to strip naked, lie down between Larsens legs, and suck his dick.
The cute boy immediately obeys, happy to have his lips wrapped around his companions dripping cock. Elder Larsens flat, muscular stomach smashes into his forehead with every vigorous thrust from the president.
Elder Butler wonders — will he be able to suck a load out of Elder Larsen before the president fills up his hole with cum?

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