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MilitaryClassified - Elijah 2 (Anal)


Staff member

Elijah is back and this young little army stud is returning to the cameras at militaryclassified to take the next step in the gay for pay processing machine Rob has going out there in California. Rob takes charge and shows Elijah the professional way a gay guy seduces a straight guy and leaves him with a look of wanting more.
This 20 year old straight boy is curious today but also a little nervous about sticking his dick inside some dude's ass but the money is right and he's now in this situation ready to take part. I always try to relax the guy so I make sure that his favorite porn is playing and that he doesn't have to look at anything but the monitor if that makes him more comfortable. He was rather quiet at first but that soon changed.
Once I got this boy naked and sitting on the edge of the bed it turned into something else. I don't think Elijah was expecting the attention that his dick was getting and the admiration and love I put into it because I don't think he's had his cock made that important before in his life. I was tentative to every detail and taking my tongue to the most sensitive parts of his crotch long before my tongue and mouth made its way to his cock.
Once that puppy was rock hard I began my mount and I know it was taking him by surprise because he tried to make it look as though he didn't care but he darted out of the corner of his eyes watching my ass when I wasn't watching him. This warm up really got Elijah warmed up and soon we were in a second position and now he was definitely starring at my ass he his dick went inside and out, up and down.
All this ass was making Elijah weaker and weaker and I ended his misery but bending over doggie style at the end of the bed and from behind Elijah delivered the final blow and the looks on his face are quite interesting as this boy gets closer to cumming... you hang in desperation with him as he finally blows a load that made him weak.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:32
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1826kbps
Audio: 99kbps

File size: 234.1 MB

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