Straight Rent Boys - Trit Blows Brian Away
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Trit Blows Brian Away. Having Brian back, I let him know how much he is liked on the Straight Rent Boy's site. Although he is not gay, he is willing to do some things with a guy. Today I pair him with Trit, a gay guy who likes the challenges of straight men and what Brian has to offer. No, Brian won't be fucking, or getting fucked today, but, tomorrow is another day. Checking in with the guys to see what they are comfortable with, Eddie and I agree with Trit, "yeah, I'll suck his dick." Both get naked, sit back down and Brian admits, "guys suck dick way better than girls." Trit proves to be an avid mouth as Brian is up quickly and beginning to moan. I check with Brian, who doesn't mind playing with Trit's dick; seems as though these two are very comfortable with one another. Watching Brian get serviced is really hot, as he gasps, repositions, and grabs onto Trit's meat. We all agree that Brian "has a nice dick." Lying back, Brian controls Trit's mouth as he bobs up and down on the feast; Brian definitely has a cock to satisfy. Alternating between jerking one another, and their own dicks, the pair get closer. Trit runs his hands up and down Brian's sculptured body, and then bends down for a taste of the ball sack. Massaging the boy's legs works wonders and it's not long before Trit gets his "protein" in for the day; Brian's thick load slides into Trit's mouth and adheres to his cheek. Trit then works on his own dick, with a helping hand from Brian, who also massages Trit's hard nipples. Stretching out, Trit spreads his legs and adds some lube to his dick; getting close, he presses a couple of fingers against his hole. Suddenly, he gasps, and shoots a large load all over his torso; Brian seems rather excited by the site and grins at his partner.

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