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The Lust Avenger - Full HD 1080p


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Thanos is defeated by the Lust Avenger, she is about to him and asks "him any last words?", his reply "I'd like to taste your pussy before I die". As quick as a flash Thanos teleports behind her and kicks her to the ground. She wakes up and Thanos grabs her by the legs pulling her across the ground until she is lying atop him, her crotch now only an inch away from Thanos's mouth. He spreads her legs wide before ripping her suit off her curvaceous body revealing her ginormous pink tits. Now naked Thanos begins giving her oral, licking her pussy with his tongue as she wimpers and reluctantly moans with delight. Thanos stands behind her, he begins sliding his huge fat cock between her ass cheeks, she tells him to stop it...but he doesn't. He finally lowers his giant cock before quickly penetrating her tight pink pussy hard and fast. Taking her from behind he fucks her pussy deep, she tries to resist with her arm to no avail, he just keeps on fucking. Now on top of the roof he lies with her sitting above his big ol' cock, he grabs her waist and her down onto his cock despite her trying to push back but he's far too strong. His cock slides right into her pussy all the way down to the base of his cock, she groans in pain. He fucks her cowgirl style keeping the thrusts fast and hard, she doesn't want to like it but the pleasure it causes her grows larger with every thrust. She finally stops resisting and decides to take control of the situation by grinding on his cock, she rides him like a pro, round and round back and forth over and over. Now lying on her back Thanos penetrates her pussy once again with his juicy monstrous alien cock. He fucks her at a steady pace hitting her g spot over and over again, she can barely take it as she closes her legs up into the air as he fucks her. She starts to rub her clit as he begins to fuck her faster, her pussy now throbbing with pleasure. Thanos can't take it anymore, knowing he's about to cum he begins to furiously fuck her like a jackhammer, she too can feel herself getting close and rubs her clit faster like a jacked up teenager on Mountain Dew. They both orgasm simultaneously. Thanos starts cumming, filling up her pink pussy. He whips his cock out of her and cum explodes out of his huge cock all over her tits at first before covering her neck and face in his juicy hot alien cum.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:35
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7039kbps
Audio: 191kbps

File size: 878.6 MB

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