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Trey Turners Cumback – Alejandr & Trey Turner


Staff member

Studio: BaitBuddies

The last appearance Trey Turner made at BaitBuddies was released in 2011(made in 2009) when veteran porn star Jessie Colter introduced him to his first gay sex experience. After that appearance, as we have done with many guys, we sent Trey off on his new career as a gay4pay porn star where he went on to make a lot of movies. About a year ago he decided he needed a respite from porn, so he bowed out of the adult business and hasnt done a movie in over a year. But, he always kept up with the videos on BaitBuddies (our models get complementary memberships), and came across Alejandros video – a straight Latino dude who was turned out gay4pay by porn star Drake Jaden on BaitBuddies. After watching Alejandros video, he was super horny for the dude and decided to call Caruso to see if he would hook him up. Caruso agreed, with a condition, it had to be on camera for the site. Trey quickly agreed as he was ready to ease his way back into the business anyway. So, Caruso contacts Alejandro and makes him an offer he cant refuse, but its also conditional, he has to get fucked this time by Treys 8 cock. What Alejandro didnt know is that Trey is a powerhouse, a massive dude, all muscle from his legs to his torso, arms and shoulders and can throw one major, hard, pounding fuck. I always thought that if I ever needed a bodyguard or a bouncer, he would be the man. I cant imagine the damage he could do by leaning into a single punch. Anyway, the dude is so powerful when he fucks, that Caruso warns him more than once to be gentle with Alejandro… and he is. As the action begins, he takes Alejandro in his arms as they start off with a madly hot make out session. They strip each other down revealing two sexy, muscular bodies which they mutually caress. Trey takes the initiative and gets on his knees and starts sucking Alejandros 7 uncut cock. They swap places and Alejandro returns the favor by giving his new hunky buddy a hot blow job. Next Trey puts Alejandro on his hands and knees and and says let me taste that ass, as he licks Alejandros sweet hole and jams his tongue into his hot, tight ass, saying you taste so good. He soon picks up a bottle of lube, drips some on Alejandros hole and starts fingering the boy, lubing him up real good for the onslaught of his 8 cock. Once Alejandros hole is lubed up, Trey starts pushing his cock in and soon enough is fucking that boy silly. Theres lots of moaning and Trey is saying take my cock… take my cock. By the look on Alejandros face you can tell hes liking getting fucked. He later tells Caruso it was a bit painful in the beginning, but once the pain went away, it was great! The boys now switch places, this time Trey is on his back and Alejandro shoves his cock into him and starts fucking him. Alejandro asks Trey you like that cock and Trey replies yeah, I love that cock. Soon Alejandro is pumping away hard in the other dudes ass, and tells Trey shoot that load… cum for me. This triggers Treys orgasm and he moans loudly as he shoots a big load of hot white spunk all over his stomach. Trey then licks his own cum off his hand and goes back for seconds, dipping his fingers in a pool of his cum and eating it. Tastes good Caruso asks, yeah says Trey. Seeing this brings Alejandro to the edge – he pulls out of Treys hole, rips off his condom and jacks his cock furiously until he shoots an equally big load all over Trey. Caruso asks gonna taste his, and Trey just scoops up some cum and eats it, then goes back for another serving and shows us Alejandros cum on his tongue before he swallows it down. Then off to the shower where Caruso continues the video with their conversation about the scene they just shot. A great comeback!

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:31
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1814kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 363.5 MB

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