Where The Wild Twinks Are (Kyler Ash, Chance Wylder And Lucas Knight)


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Studio: Next Door Twink

When you think you hear giggling coming from the campus weight room after school, theyre there. When you realize three students are missing from home room, theyre there. When you get that magic feeling like summer is almost here and boys imaginations are running wild, theyre there, and nows your chance to cum along!Sneak out of class with Lucas Knight, Chance Wylder & Kyler Ash as they convene a secret Twink society inside the old weight training shed. Its the only place on campus where they know they can let loose and blow off some sexual frustration. Theyve been practicing this ritual for a couple months now, and keep getting better at pleasing on another. Theyre helping each other mature in their sexual tastes and enjoying the process. Kyler is a natural-born dick lover and cant get enough of Chances fat, throbbing member. And while Kyler slurps hard on it, Lucas gets a mouthful of Kylers own chubby piece. Then its Lucass turn as both Kyler and Chance team up on his bulging cock. You wont believe the scorching hot action while they kiss and slobber together on his boner. And things really get wild when Lucas decides to bend Kyler over the exercise ball and drill his tight hole while Kyler takes a face fucking from Chance. But its soon Lucass turn to experience a rock hard pounding. Before they do though, the three try out something theyve had on the meetings roster for a while now, a triple blowjob formation. Kyler drew up a diagram of it in Algebra last week and the boys all seemed to agree it was a good idea. Then Lucas gets what his ass was craving, a nice stiffy, courtesy of his pal, Chance. If you didnt come out to play sexy, dont go where the wild twinks are! Enjoy!

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Duration: 29:14
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1765kbps
Audio: 147kbps

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