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Drill Bill


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Studio: All Worlds

Drill Bill, Vol. 1 is the story of Bill Ray, and how this butch, broad-shouldered bottom gets his manhole filled with cock. Ray is one of All Worlds very interesting new playas. Hes a beefy guy, young looking, but not at all twink. His chest is fully matted with a layer of hair, and he has pretty eyes. Fresh off Weekend Pass 2, the crinite Ray works for a construction company in San Diego.
With these guys, it seems they must break after every thirty minutes of work to relieve themselves of their manlusts. Technically, Drill Bill is a pretty typical Dirk Yates flick. There is little in the way of story, or direction technique. It is pretty much all business with the guys. And the movie has a nice set of guys.
The first scene shows blond Eric Hunter, Rocco di Niro and Bobby Williams using their break period to get frisky. First the guys all suck each other. Hunter, who topped in (Camp Out), turns out to be a pretty hot bottom this time around. The versatile Williams plugs Hunter, while di Niro slides inside him. DiNiro, a newcomer, is a sweet-faced, smooth brunet whose nice hard dick rams ass with ease. To finish, the three line up along the tailgate of a pickup truck to drop their creamy loads.
After this, the movie shows a solo jack-off with another newbie, the mono named Stetson. Yates very commonly inserts solos in his movies, and they are usually pretty good. Stetson is a real hottie. His chest and ab muscles are perfectly shaped. He runs his hand over them as his cock points to the sky.
Very easy on the eyes, he rubs himself, often grinning and looking right into the camera. He nonchalantly blows a big money shot all over his torso. This is all we see of Stetson, but for what you get it is nice.
Next, Bret Larson and Matt step into a double shower. Matt is a beefy, shaved-headed guy with a round, hot ass. He sucks the youthful Larson to full erection. After taking turns lapping their tongues into their open holes, Matt decides to slide is beefy butt all the way down onto Larsons stiff shaft.
He rides him on a bench until Matt, still impaled, jacks out his load of love. He proceeds to keep riding as the cum drips of his cock. Larson shoots a long rope of jizz over his buddy.
In the next scene, pig bottoms Bill Ray and Matt are hammering some nails, which somehow causes them to lose their clothes and get hard. Matt gives Ray a lengthy blowjob on some stairs, followed by a very hot rim session. Ray then turns the tables on Matt. He sucks him and then, in a turn of events, plays the top. Sitting on the stairs, Ray screws him with heavy upward thrusts from underneath.
For the finale, two members of the construction crew get to drill Bill. Ray is probably not the most productive employee. He walks around the other guys as they bang up walls and boards with powerdrills. Of course, when Ray sees this, he envisions whirling dildos on the powerdrills.
Slim Kyle Lewis and hairy brunet Brian Handcock take the situation into their own hands by getting Ray out of his clothes and into a hungry threeway. They also form a tasty ass-eating chain on the floor, with their asses raised high. Lewis has the biggest dick of the movie, and he knows how to use it. He drills Bill Rays ass at length. Handcock, not as much of a participant, also takes the filmstars meaty butt for a spin. Ray spends the time standing, hanging off an unfinished wall. I love gettin fucked! he moans over and over. It is all hot to watch. The three guys finish with nice money shots.
Good-looking, regular all-American guys are Dirk Yates signature. Drill Bill, Vol. 1 brings out these elements adroitly in ways the viewer will enjoy. Perhaps future sequels will bring more fame and fortune to Bill Rays very nice hole.

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