GuyBone - Dustin Cross and Edison Garett
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Release Year: 2020
Studio: GuyBone
Cast: Dustin Cross, Edison Garett
Genres: beard, bears, anal, assfucking, bareback, blowjob, cumeating, fucking, gay, gayporn, hunks, oral, porn, rimming, sex, sucking, twinks

Hairy Uncut Daddy Shows Boy how to Breed. Daddy fever was in full swing at GuyBone, first with Damon Tops Adam Raw, then Dustin owning Edison's hairy bareback ass! I hadn't filmed with these two in a while, but their common connection on the site was Lance Bennett. They'd both filmed incredibly hot scenes with him and now came together in an epically erotic dad / son fuck. So epic, so erotic, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck! Starting with some face sucking on the bed, Dustin smooched his son then removed their glasses to avoid clanging. Both bespectacled, both uncut, both bearded and beyond hairy, I was instantly in love (and lust) with this pairing. They were horny for each other from the onset, too. Edison had his dad's dick out of those dark jeans in no time, swallowing it balls deep, tasting every inch of meat. The boy's goal was obviously to please. The dad's, to dominate. They were the perfect duo, both bringing exactly what the other one needed. Shirtless, hairy chests exposed, Edison laid on his back as Dustin fed him his thick dad dick. He devoured the beautiful boner while Dustin released Edison's erection from his tented underoos. He jerked his son as the boy nursed on his dad's heavy dong. Pants were shed and the boys sat boner to boner on the bed. Dustin had the most perfect dad bod, just beefy enough and covered with the sexiest fur. Edison was a hot little otter with a dark, fluffy bush and intoxicating armpits. Their cocks raged for each other. Mine took notice. They slid into a scintillating 69 so Dustin could rim his son's hole while Edison swallowed that giant man cock. Edison's whimpers began almost immediately and continued throughout the scene. I was in heaven hearing this young stud moan his cries of feel good sensations as daddy Dustin worked over his body. He expertly ate his ass, preferring to suffocate in that sweet sugar factory, rarely coming up to gasp for air. He switched from tongue to finger, ringing Edison's deepest doorbell. What a hot visual, dad feeling around inside his son's hole while his boy worshipped his big man feet. Edison kissed, licked and sucked Dustin's feet and toes. He was more than happy to be of service. Suddenly, they were back on their knees, swapping spit and feeling each other's fur. Edison panted like a good pup, which only made it more fitting that Dustin fucked him in doggie first. He bent his boy over and edged that beast cock inside him, armed only with spit and spunk Lube. Edison's ass was very accommodating, hugging Dustin's hog with its hairy warmth, pulling him inside deeper. The two became one. Fitting together like the perfect puzzle, Dustin began fucking Edison raw. His slick dick worked tirelessly to bring them both great joy. Edison's faces were incredible. They said everything he was feeling. And the way Dustin owned his hole was breathtaking. They were bonding with butt sex and it was beyond hot to watch. Dad mounted his boy and they displayed the beast with two backs. Their doggie style was off the charts hot. Edison's own stiff shaft slid across the bed sheet as he was boned down by his dad. Dustin never let up. He was tender yet authoritative, like any good father figure. His dick worked deep, long and hard. His body pushed Edison into the bed, smothering him in sexy weight. Their bodies worked together as a team, the boy opening up appropriately, giving himself over to Dustin. Their slurping sex noises drove me wild. The visuals of Dustin slowly pulling his dick out and putting it back in, then rapidly ramming it against Edison's prostate, nearly made me lose my mind. Edison flipped to his back, legs up, taking Dustin's steel daddy dick swinging balls deep on the edge of the bed. His fists grabbed handfuls of bedspread for support as Dustin fucked his body back and forth. He wailed and whimpered as Dustin grunted and groaned. His legs shook in sex spasms. He was on Cloud Fucking 9. He grabbed his dad's face for a kiss, but Dustin pinned his arms to the mattress and planted one on his boy. He filled him full of dad cock and kept him wanting more. Dustin's engorged gourd slammed into Edison's hairy ass as he planked him. They kissed passionately as their hairy bodies intertwined. Dustin threw Edison's leg up on his shoulder and humped him madly in a sideways kind of position that looked incredible. He really drove that dick deep into his boy. They were so enraptured with each other, the rest of the world melted away while they fucked. Edison had to sit on dad's dick at least once. Like an eager kid on Christmas, bouncing on Santa's lap, Edison rode Dustin raw and hard. Dad held his son, keeping him locked on that rod. There was no way that dick was escaping the hold of that hole. The boy bucked up and down on the big, uncut bone. He knew how to make dad feel good now. And they both knew how to finish each other off. Dustin rolled Edison onto his side into a cradled spoon position. It was so fucking hot and something I'd rarely seen. Edison's legs were up over Dustin's shoulders so his hole was exposed and completely open to be used. And Dustin used it. Until he couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled out and bust his dad load all over Edison's furry ass, then tucked it neatly back inside his boy to breed him. Edison kept the hard, still-cumming cock inside him but climbed back on top. He rode his dad one more time, flexing his hole on that thick pole, making his cock cum hands-free. He shot ropes of boy batter across Dustin's forest of chest hair. He rubbed his uncut red rocket into the wet fur and kissed his top. What a ride these two had taken together. Unforgettable, like both of them. A Kodak moment, for sure.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:02
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 3919kbps
Audio: 104kbps

File size: 886.0 MB

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