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Himeros Matthew & Nico Nova - The Deep End


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Quickies can be hot. I love the intensity of knowing that you only have a few minutes to have fun – and get off.
But there’s also something to be said for taking your time. And that’s exactly what happens in this week’s video, which is titled “The Deep End.” Featuring Matt and Nico Nova, we set aside an entire afternoon for these two men to explore connection, pleasure and love.
This video was created during our retreat at Easton Mountain in upstate New York. Though Nico is looking to get into more adult content and recently launched an Only Fans channel, neither guy is a professional porn star. They’re two sexy, everyday guys who happened to have a lot of chemistry. And thus, we selected them for this film.
When we film content for Himeros.tv, we tend to have a busy schedule – and shoot as many as three videos per day. While the schedule isn’t hectic, it is demanding – and it keeps us moving from scene to scene. Brad Amberheart, the tantric sex coach with whom we worked on this project, suggested that it may be a worthwhile experiment to see what happens when we set aside an entire afternoon – and so that’s exactly what we did with Matt and Nico.
During filming, the camera crew would take breaks. They stepped out a few times – leaving the camera running on a tripod. They’d check back in and get a few more shots. Filming went on and on as the long afternoon stretched into early evening.
The resulting video seems to transcend time. The boys flirt and make out. The blow each other and move from room to room, connecting and exploring each other’s bodies. There is no rush. The minutes and hours melt away. We’re just left with two men and their deep connection. And it’s an absolute delight to watch.

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