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Zebs Vegas Adventure


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Studio: Zeb Atlas

Two-time Men Magazine Man of the Year superstar Zeb Atlas is back for a sizzling romp on the Vegas strip with hot newcomers Giovanni and Aaron-Mark. Your screen will heat up as these horny studs grapple, flex, and worship each others rock-hard bodies.
The erotic king of bodybuilders inches ever closer to actually having gay sex on camera. In Zebs Vegas Adventure, one of only a few non-solo films hes done, Zeb Atlas takes man-on-man intimate body worship to a whole new level. His partners are Giovanni, a handsome, long-haired, bearded muscle-man, and blond buff boy Aaron-Mark whose physique complements the two body-beautiful specimens. They make an amazing trio.
Scene 1 Pick-up. Giovanni, a tan muscular, shaggy-haired bodybuilder is seen bag in hand on the streets of Las Vegas. He meets Zeb in a gym working out, and they develop an immediate mutual admiration for each others bodies and physicality. The studs grapple, flex, and worship each others rock hard bodies. Just when does hugging and feeling each other all over become sex? Maybe its all sex.
Scene 2 Getting Physical. Does wrestling on a bed say anything to you? Their skimpy swim suits come off, leaving them in just jockstraps. More caressing, hugging, and embracing follow. They remove each others jocks and continue to run their hands all over.
Scene 3 Cleaning Up. Standing in a tub of water, they lather each other up and wash. Then they sit together in the tub to rinse and jack off. They they both get into the shower to rinse some more, but dont complete their sex.
Scene 4 Between the Sheets. Toweling off, they fall into bed and jerk off some more side by side. They thrash about, hugging each other and becoming more intimate. Giovanni licks Zebs nipples, and Zeb shoots his load.
Scene 5 Oil Muscle. Zeb and Giovanni head out to the desert for some fresh air, sun, and more body worship. Zeb has on a muscle shirt, jockstrap and boots; Giovanni has shorts covering his jock. They pose and flex and compare physiques. Each guy removes the others shirt for more posing and admiring. The oil comes out and they rub it over each others incredible muscular bodies. Eventually they are naked on the desert rocks where they jack off and cum.
Scene 6 - Reunion. Blond Aaron-Mark joins Biovanni and Zeb in the gym for a workout. Zeb disappears for a while, but Aaron-mark and Giovanni continue a subtly sexy weightlifting session. Giovanni has trimmed his hair shorter now and only looks better. He eventually gets naked and Aaron-Mark runs his hands over the hunk in body worship. Aaron-Mark loses his trunks now for a continued naked workout.
Scene 7 Grappling for Zeb. Zeb is back and he encourages Giovanni and Aaron-Mark to nude wrestle each other in a Greco-Roman style arena. Though Aaron-Mark is considerable smaller overall than Giovanni, he holds his own.
Scene 8 - Envy. The three go to a massage room where Zeb is eventually naked and the other two give him a massage. Zeb has let his natural body hair grow out from the time when the first five scenes were shot. The shaved look is more typical bodybuilder, but Zeb looks great either way. They are all eventually naked and Giovanni and Aaron-Mark provide both Zeb and themselves a sexual happy ending.
Scene 9 Midnight Shower. Once again, they all get into the shower, to clean up before hitting the sack. More sexual play ensues as they all head for bed. As they lie there, Zeb announces that hes not really tired yet. They all dive beneath the comforter, leaving the viewer with the distinct impression that they may have missed the best part or that the best is yet to come!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:57:05
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1464kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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